Advanced Courses

Want to push your skills to the limit in a kayak? Join us on our Advanced to surf kayaking course. The course is aimed at BCU 4* paddlers (not compulsory) looking to surf kayak in advanced surf conditions and push their performance in a surf kayak. The course will help you developed the skills/ timing to perform advanced surfing manoeuvres like, round house cut backs, re-entries, floaters, and turns that make you stand out from the crowd.

The course will cover 4 key areas, your personal paddling skills, rescues in the surf zone, leadership and surf theory. Cornwall being a peninsular is blessed with a variety of surf, beaches, points and reefs breaks. Over the duration of the course we will find each day the surf that will best develop your skills.

Surf Kayaking Cornwall is a world recognised training centre and all of our staff are qualified and have lots of experience out on the sea and surf. We have great wetsuits and jackets to keep you warm out on the water and hot showers back at our base for the end of the day before a debrief with a cup of tea in our classroom.

Experience needed?
The course is aimed at BCU 4*(not compulsory) paddlers looking to surf kayak in advanced surf conditions and push their surfing performance. White water or freestyle kayakers that are comfortable in grade 4 white water or sea kayakers that paddled in advanced surf conditions with strong roll are also welcome. During the course you will be surfing in wave up to 5ft high or up to and above double over head when sitting a kayak. 2 and 5 Days course available, for further details of what is covered click on the links below.

What if the surf goes flat on the course?
Over the duration of the course surf conditions will vary. Perfect surf is not required to successful improve your surf kayaking even at advance level. Whenever possible we will try and surf kayak whenever the waves are at their best. If there are any flat periods during the week we will use this opportunity to do classroom based discussions, deep water rescue, towing etc. If the forecast looks very poor then a decision to run will be made two days prior to the start of the course. Forecasts are never totally accurate so if the course does run and conditions are still unfavourable during the week/weekend we will look to offer an alternatives activity where ever possible on the days with no surf E.g. Sea kayaking.

Location and times
We will meet you and the rest of the group at 0930 at the Sea/Surf Kayaking Cornwall shop to discuss the days plan and get kitted up. We normally aim to finish around 1600, although this may be later depending on the surf break being used.
The Sea/Surf Kayaking Cornwall shop is at Dove House, Tregoniggie Industrial Estate, Falmouth TR11 4SN.

What to bring
Packed lunch – unless you are a group booking, with a request for a pub/café lunch stop.
Hot Drink / Water – minimum 1.5 litre per person
Sunscreen, Hat
Towel and Change of clothes
Water shoes / trainers

Searching Availability…

The course fee includes all of the equipment needed, instruction and transport during the course (if required). We can provide all the necessary equipment to allow you to be comfortable and safe out on the water; including wetsuits, thermal tops, wind proof jackets, buoyancy aids, helmets, spray decks and of course kayaks and paddles. Surf kayaking Cornwall have a wide range of up-to-date surf craft for you to try.

2 Day Advanced

A weekend of action, adventure and waves

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Over the two days you will cover landing and launching in a range of environments. Paddling out strategies such as timing, rolling under wave and short journey to inaccessible break. Use of transits and foam cones to help positioning for wave selection at surf breaks. We will developed your take off in steep waves and paddle out take offs. The course will aim to link sequences of bottom and top turn manoeuvres together focusing on their timing in relation to the shoulder and the nature of the breaking wave. We will aim to get you surfing across the whole face of the wave use of a variety of pace and attack to be ambitious around the shoulder and making it around breaking sections of the wave. We will cover the tactic and wave position that are the foundations for manoeuvres above the lip of the wave such as re-entries and aerials. We will also cover a range of rescue skill such as deep water repairs and rescues, shepherding, including carries and tow through the surf, We will also look at leadership skills such as CLAP, signals, risk identification, Surfing etiquette, surfing among crowds and incident management. Detailed Surf theory on equipment, tide, surf and weather forecasts and beach bathymetry.

5 Day Advanced

take your paddling to the next level

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Our 5 day advanced surf kayaking is an intensive course that should build on everything covered within the 2 day courses. We will have the opportunity to really get to know you, and help you towards your surf kayaking needs and desires. The surf rarely stays constant therefore this extra time will allow you to surf and explore different surf breaks and beaches across Cornwall. Each day we will look at the surf report and chose the break that is best for your needs. You will also get to try out different types of surf craft.